Some of our most unusual Pet Detective tales...
This 2 years old female cat jumped forty feet from the top floor of an apartment block in Castleknock early one morning. She was an indoor only cat and even thought suffering a nasty leg injury she was recovered by the Pet Detective after a 2 day search and after a visit to the Vet was fine.
This German Shepherd broke from his lead after chasing a deer in a Wicklow Coillte Forest Park. His owner spent eighteen hours in the deserted forest park and after trying everything he could not locate Buster. After calling in the Pet Detective two days later and fearing the worst for the dog’s safety to his amazement with the help of a tracking dog and an extensive search Buster was located in a ravine and he was reunited with his delighted owner.
This lovely tabby was on his way from Ireland to Germany via Dublin Airport. Due to a slightly opened cat carrier before being loaded on the plane Tigger jumped soon after the customs check near the runway and to the owner’s amazement on the arrival in Germany there was no Tigger. The Pet Detective was called to see if the tabby could be recovered and after sixteen day search this lucky cat was found hungry and distressed outside the Airport grounds but with no injuries and plenty of stories to tell.

Needless to say his owners were very grateful to the team of Happy Tails who worked day and night to recover him and reunite him happily.

This lovely little girl was abducted from the driveway close to her front door in Tallaght and when her owner Laura called Happy Tails we were able to, with the help of a search dog, follow Holly's scent to a property not far away from the theft point. The property was used as a safe house for stolen dogs and when a search of the property was conducted by Garda Siochana the dog had been removed. Ten months later due to the fact Holly was micro chipped a phone call from London UK stated she had been picked up on the street and was been held till Laura collected her. With the work of a Pet Detective we were able to ascertain what exactly had happened to her and with the goodness of real pet lovers she had a happy ending.
This little kitty was found wondering the streets of Kuwait and while her owner who was on work there realized this little cat was starving and certain to face an uncertain future. She decided to Take the little feral back to Ireland in order to give it a better life. After a long incubation time the cat finally arrived in Dublin from Kuwait. Unfortunately the cat escaped from its new home and did not know the territory, after five days missing Happy Tails were called in and the Pet Detective and his Crew spent a whole night out in order to get a safe recovery. Clementine is now back home and safe with his pal Luis.
This lovely little cat was poisoned when young and her family got her from the DSPCA who had to keep the cat four weeks until she regained her health and got the all clear. Kirsten and Ivan her owners idolized her and living in an apartment they decided to keep her as an indoor cat only. One day Pippa jumped of the window and headed straight to the engine of a parked vehicle in the car park. The engine was a safe haven at least until the car started up and Pippa got a massive fright along with her owners and she ran away. The owners were unable to locate Pippa and were terrified as she had possibly suffered injuries. The Pet Detective was called in six days later and after spending a night and day on the search Pippa was located, she trusted  in the Pet Detective but not enough to let him catch her, a humane cat trap with baby monitors was used and Pippa was recovered. She was found just in time as she had a horrific leg injury which led to an amputation but now the kitty has a perfectly happy life on three legs with Kirsten and Ivan.


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