At home on New Years Eve 2010 we were preparing for the night ahead and everybody was in good spirits. Then, what seemed all of a sudden, our 4 year old Terrier cross breed, Trigger, was gone. He was simply there one minute and gone the next. We were out on foot and in cars straight away covering more than a mile away from our house. Much further than we could imagine his little legs taking him.

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On the last day of Wimbledon we were watching the tennis until it finished.
We then discovered that our garden gate was open and our 12 year old Jack Russell, Nell, was missing. My husband, myself, our daughter and her friend walked all around the neighbourhood and then drove around further afield until 2am.

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My 8 month old deerhound cross puppy Mollie went missing one Thursday afternoon while I was walking my two dogs in Dodder Valley Park. One moment she was there, the next she was gone.  I whistled for her, but there was this eerie silence. For the next two hours I searched the park, with the help of my friends and fellow dog walkers, but nothing.

Over the course of the next three days I continued to search, handing out my phone number to anybody I met in the park, as well as visiting four local halting sites, in case she had wandered in there. By Sunday afternoon I was desperate. Then I got a text from a friend with details of how to contact the Pet Detective. I didn’t think there was such a person! Two hours later Robert Kenny was in my house, taking down...

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My wife, child and I had just spent our first night in our new home along with our siberian husky Alex. We were so excited but within hours our family pet had dissapeared our happiness changed to sadness. We searched everywhere but nothing we called vets pounds animal shelters and we were devastated.kilcock vet told us of the pet detective. I had heard of Ace Ventura but not a real live one. He was very busy but called out to our new home that evening and after a chat and scout around was able to let us know that our pet alex had indeed been lifted from in front of our eyes.

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Our pet cat Winston was our pride and joy and we spoiled both him and his pal each and every day.the problem was winston was an explorer and loved going out for hours on end but one evening when my wife and i returned home he was not there.

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My wife and I are deeply indebted to Robert and his fantastic
team for spending over two weeks in and around the grounds of Dublin Airport to recover our furry friend Tigger.Our tabby got free from his cat carrier before being loaded onto a flight to Switzerland. We arrived in Zurich to get Tigger but a phone call clarified a pet owners worst
nightmare, my cat was somewhere between customs stand32 and the
runway. We believed not even a pet detective could recover a cat in such a vast area and with the extreme noise plus a million places to hide if been lucky enough to avoid all the traffic.

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Our golden retriever was epileptic and on daily medication, however
Fred was worth everything to us. One summer evening he escaped the electric gates and could not be seen anywhere. My wife was devastated. We phoned Happy Tails and pet detective Robert Kenny called to our home. He felt due to Fred's medical problems it was crucial he was located before he had a seizure.

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My german shepherd broke loose in a Co Wicklow forest park
after his collar snapped and he bolted but after spending 18 hours calling his name and walking miles i got no response. I even took my car into the Coillte Wood and got stuck but there was no sign whatsoever of Buster.

I started to think he was dead had he sunk in the marsh. I phoned ash animal rescue to see had anyone picked him up but no luck however they recommended a pet detective who could help. I was very desperate as Buster stood by me since he was a puppy. Mr Kenny told me a plan he was to execute in order to recover Buster.

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Maisy was left into boarding kennels soon after my wife was
taken into hospital on a long term basis.

i just couldnt get the time to exercise Maisy and visit the hospital and felt terrible when I received a call from the kennels to let me know our maisy had escaped on her daily walk after chasing deer and that was two days previous.

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This one year old little kitty was a curious little fella, he loved exploring the fields around about.  He used to use his cat flap everyday and have lots of little adventures but always be home in time for his diner and lots of cuddles!

One Saturday morning Busby went off on his travels and never returned home for his dinner.  His owners and neighbours spent hours looking for him around the estate and put up adds on the Internet and in the estate but Busby never came home.  Everyone missed him so much especially his owners Jeanita and Conor.

Almost three weeks went past and his owners nearly gave up hope until Robert from Happy Tails Pet detective Agency called. >> Read More >>



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